Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 7 Hue

Stray went the train station, on the hunt for his shoes and some clothes he had left behind on the overnight train. Apparently they had travelled ahead to Danang.

We hired a boat for a few hours and chugged down the Perfume river, to a pagoda that we had already seen by land, get a bit of that, something gets lost in the translation sometimes, oh well.

Haven't done any shopping yet, as we only took carry on bags, but I did buy a hand painted card of a cat on it to remind me of the poor thing in Hanoi. We could hear a cat crying, night and day. Another hotel guest, who it had kept awake all night, located it tied up on a short piece of rope in a house opposite our hotel. We complained to the hotel, but I doubt they could convince the owner to untie it. So, I drew a picture of a cat crying and saying 'help me, help me' in Vietnamese. Stray made a paper airplane out of it, but my attempt to fly it into the house was not very successful. He found it outside later that evening (unfolded) and flew it right to where the cat can only hope the owner read it.

In the afternoon, we escaped the heat for a while and relaxed.

More eating of course, at a cafe just across from our hotel (Thao Nghyen Canteen). Ordering food can be an adventure in itself, you are never quite sure what is going to arrive on the table.

I ordered grilled meat rolls, which was minced meat pressed onto a lemon grass stork in a sausage form and grilled...then you slide it off into a rice paper wrapper and add salad, roll it up and dip it all into a unusual peanut sauce...yum! It's called Nem Nuong.


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Omg, it sounds delicious!