Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 2 Hanoi

Day one was spent in transit and we (I) need to catch up on some sleep. Arrived in Hanoi this morning at the lovely Splendid Star Hotel, which is hidden in an alley way not far from St Josephs Cathedral and a short walk from Lake Hoan Kiem.

After a shower, we went out in search of lunch. We walked into what we thought was a cafe, but turned out to be a large celebration in a local temple...we left but were ushered back in by some lovely old ladies, who seated us with a group of people of mixed ages, to share plates of food and drinks. Very little English, but loads of smiles and laughter and a few group photos to top it all off.

We have no idea what we ate, but it was delicious!


Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you've eaten human meat! =oD

Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice pictures by the way, your hair looks great! (yours does too Greg) lol...