Sunday, March 27, 2011

Songkraan Smelly Water

This evening while buying some groceries, a cask of Californian Red Wine, I noticed a basket of small bottles at the checkout counter. It appeared to me to be lemon juice or some type of condiment. My friend and I discussed the possibilities briefly as I picked up a bottle for a closer look.

I glanced up and realised I'd had a conversation with this lovely checkout girl before, completely in Thai and it went something like this...
"Oh!!! Madame likes Leo beer?", as I sit a large bottle down on the counter. My first thought was 'cheeky!!!',

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Myanmar Earthquake

9.55 PM. Right now reports are saying the earthquake that struck Myanmar, near the Thai/Lao border was a magnitude 7, but has just been downgraded to a 6.8. And, more recently an aftershock of 5.

We felt the big one all the way down here in Chiang Mai and the news is saying even those in Bangkok did. At first I thought I was sitting on a nerve in my leg, which was making my body move involuntarily. But, when I shifted my weight, I kept moving...and so did the sofa under me. It was a little disconcerting when I asked Stray if the room was moving and he said 'no'. It took quite a few seconds for us to realise what was happening and to run through what we should or shouldn't do. Luckily it ended before we had to make any decisions.

I hope the folks up north didn't endure too much damage. I'm sure tomorrow's news reports will fill in the blanks. The world certainly does seem to be copping its fair share of flak lately!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Rim

Right now I'm back looking at my hot pink balcony listening to a symphony of power tools emanating from a nearby constructions site. But, for the last two weeks I had the pleasure playing host to a very special Mum! Not only was I able to show her some of the sites around Chiang Mai, but I also got to bunk in with her at The Rim Chiang Mai hotel.

I wouldn't be surprised if unsuspecting tourists have mistaken this place for a temple, with its ornate arched entrance which is guarded by fierce mythical creatures.
Too lazy to cross the road, so I lifted this first shot from

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bum fruit?

We've nicknamed this the 'bum fruit'.
It smells not unlike a quince, but I have no idea if it's edible. It's not alone, not a mutant, they all look like that.
It's heavy and would certainly do some damage if one happened to fall on your noggin.

Any ideas?

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doi Tung and surrounds

It's been a few days since I returned from San Phor Loi, which isn't far from Doi Tung (Doi = Mountain and Tung = Ceremonial or holy banner, in Lanna). Home to great Thai Coffee, Mae Fah Luang Gardens and the late Princess Mother's Royal Villa.

Ms P couldn't let me leave without a quick visit and decided it was best if we took a songthaew up the mountain. For obvious reasons, I stayed in the pickup while (she dropped a name) and negotiated a good price for the short return trip. The gardens are just beautiful!!! and I half expected a fairy or two to flutter by during our visit.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If I could bottle a rural village...

If I could bottle a rural village, I'd make a fortune, selling it as a natural sleep aid! Our sleep patterns have been pretty woeful since we arrived in Thailand four months ago. The night before I headed to my friend's hometown, I managed three hours of broken slumber.