Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 4 Hanoi

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with Daisy and Phuong last was good to see them again. Part of our meal consisted of Eel Spring rolls, which were great and some pomelo fruit. Looks like a huge grape fruit with green skin and the flesh is pinkish, not bitter and a lot drier.

Early this morning we joined the activity at the lake and took a brisk walk around it, this time we went with the flow, anti clockwise. After breakfast Stray decided to go on the hunt for some Vegemite, as his supply was confiscated at the Gold Coast airport.

Our hotel staff pointed him in the direction of a supermarket, which stocks a big range of Western and Asian foods and products, but not Vegemite.

After a short look around on Google, we located an L's Place shop, which sells products from Australia, the UK and other countries. Eureka! One large jar left on the shelf.

All in all, a quiet day of walking and eating, and stocking up on snacks for our train journey tomorrow night.

Snap hás done a gôod job òf déscribing our day so i can just say hello, bonjour, ni hao ,sawadee khrap and xin chao to my friends that may be follow our trip. :) ^^ xxx -  Stray

PS. did I mention this keyboard has both Vietnamese and English capabilities? :)


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You could have mentioned "Olá!" Mr. Greg! ¬¬*