Coming to see us in Thailand?

Well, of course we're not there anymore, but I've left this page here for reference.

We're hoping some of our family and friends get to visit us while we're in Thailand. We've seen a lot of the local and surrounding tourist sites, so can certainly point them in the right direction, but our experiences are limited, with exception to the Chiang Mai area.

And we've never ventured south to Phuket and Krabi etc. (Snap has preconceived ideas about these areas).
Our digs are extremely modest, we have limited room if our guests decide to stay with us...but the hotel we are in, is fairly cheap. We are existing on a Thai budget, therefore, we can't compete with the local hotels, but may be on par with some of the surrounding guest houses, without the litany of smiles  ( know how grumpy Snap can get).

Unfortunately luckily for you, I won't be able don't have to cook, so we'll be eating out a lot. Our Thai kitchen consists of a sink, running water, kettle, toaster and a fridge....and a one pot induction cooker. We've been here for nearly a month and a half and it's honestly cheaper to eat out.

Below are some of the places Stray and I have stayed/visited (which might be linked to need to write it all twice) as well as info provided by other bloggers and general websites. Remember when organising your sight seeing, it's all about kickbacks for them and bargaining for you. So haggle and shop around!

Chiang Mai

Parasol Inn I loved this place, small, stylish, clean and convenient.
Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel more up market and a lot more impressive than their website.

The Elephant Camps are a must.  We went to Maesa and on the way we stopped in at the Siam Insect Zoo.
Tiger Kingdom was OK, also Monkey and Snake attractions, which we didn't visit.
X Centre Extreme Sports - didn't go there either.
Doi Inthanon
Walking Street Markets every Sunday evening. A large intersection closed off to vehicles, with some different/interesting wares and bargains...loved it. The Parasol Inn is almost smack bang in the centre. And, of course the Night Bizarre, which is open every night, just around the corner form Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel.
Doi Inthanon A great day trip. Lovely scenery and a pleasant cool change. We visited a couple of waterfalls, a Karen tribe, had lunch, went to the highest point in Thailand and up to the Chedis (in photo)
Make a day of seeing in the Bor Sang are, silk embroidery, umbrella making, wood carving and jewellery factories.
Royal Flora Ratchaphruek, Bor Sang Fishing Park, Khan Toke dinner, Wats (temples) galore.
Visit Chiang Mai Online has a heap of info about markets and things to do and see.

Chiang Rai a 2 - 3 hour bus ride NNE from Chiang Mai in the VIP bus.

Jamson House - not quite a hostel & at July 2010 I was the only reviewer. (Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing ?)

Wat Rong Khun White Temple *Don't go the morning after a big night out, it's spectacular, but blinding...and usually stinking hot.
Hire a tuk tuk driver to show you around the city of Chiang Rai, they know all the tourist spots.

From Chiang Rai, hire a taxi for the day, go up to Mae Sai, cross the Burmese border and back (it's the tourist thing to do, but be aware your visa on re-entry is  only for 15 days. OK, if  that gets you extra days, but not if you have 20 or more left on your current visa. I'm not sure what the go is  in that case?) . The markets on the Burmese side can be torturous, especially if it's a rainy day and you're the only two farang wandering the streets. The hawkers are RELENTLESS! Be prepared for an onslaught of child beggars as you start your walk across the bridge. Check out the markets on the Thai side of the border, west of the main street, behind all of the's huge.

Stray ventured further on another trip and would suggest doing so to get out of the mayhem. Return to Chiang Rai via the Golden Triangle (photo), Ching Saen, visit the new Opium Museum (at Baan Sop Ruak), and  perhaps see a hillside tribe. A full day of entertainment.


Bangkok is a huge city, so if you've prebooked your hotel, write down at least the phone number in case your taxi driver cannot find it.

Samran Place Hotel - a short walk from Phaya Thai station, the last stop on the Airport Rail link.
Bangkok City Suites - Cheaper than above, nice hotel but further from Phaya Thai station, so not walkable with luggage, just catch a cab.
Condotel Just Cheap
Sapphirtel Inn Good location, old and worn, but cheap for that area.
Byoke Sky Hotel Was good in 2005, but a bit expensive.

*Hint - stay somewhere close to a BTS station (skytrain) and learn to use it. Cheap and efficient. Taxis are also cheap...but a BKK traffic jam can be your worst nightmare. The BTS site also has some great ideas on where to visit and how to get there cheaply.

Dreamworld and Mini Golf post by MummyT
The Grand Palace - we hired a guide INSIDE the grounds, Mr Boon, who was fantastic value and kept an umbrella over our heads for about an hour.
Wat Po is a short walk from the Grand Palace. Don't let the hawkers convince you it's not open, they just want to divert you to a river trip, or some other tour, so they can collect their kickback.
Too many temples to mention, but the Marble Temple is nice, but if you've already seen the Grand Palace, I reckon you've seen the best.
Take a night/dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya river.
Ayutthaya Day tours are available which visit the ruins (photo) and the Summer Palaces, then return by boat to Bangkok, with lunch included.
Siam Ocean World by MummyT...and fish skin cleaning,which can be found in quite a few different locations...yes, stick your feet into a giant fish tank and let then nibble off the dead skin. I tried it for about 10 seconds, but it gave me the heeby jeebies.

Pattaya  about 165 km South East from Bangkok, in the province of Chon Buri, on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

A long day trip (I don't think you'd get the full picture during the daylight hours) or stay overnight. Stray went with our cousin before I arrived, on our last trip. He took part in the elephant show (that's him under the foot), watched the crocodile exhibition and fed a tiger.

On my visit I went out to the Sanctuary of Truth, and loved it.

Hoo Don has written a really insightful post about the area Pattaya - Dressing up the bar girl.


River Kwai Hotel I think it might be more interesting staying closer to the Bridge over the River Kwai, but not a bad area at all. Visit the war memorial and museum. We found cabs were not readily available, so resorted to songthaews or motorbike taxis, which is fine, except in torrential rain. We went from Bangkok and stayed for 2 nights, which was ample.

Apparently you can take a cruise from BKK to Kanchanaburi now!! Didn't do it, but sounds nice.

The South

Transplanting Me's take on Dolphin Bay and Monkey Island.

Far East

Ubon Ratchathani - Memock not only lives lived there, but has put together some very useful info about the area, on his blog - Life In Rural Thailand.