Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 3 Hanoi

This morning (5.40am) we took a short walk to Lake Hoan Kiem. Hundreds of people exercising, walking, running, aerobics, temporary gyms set up and some bizarre routines going on. 99.9% of the activity was going anti clockwise around the lake...makes sense, no collisions that way.

Sorting very small crabs from the shellfish at the morning markets.

This is the alley way around the corner from our hotel. It's amazing how close some of the buildings are.

Went for a visit to the Hanoi Zoo...a little bit sad actually, possibly depressing for some (me).

The cages were extremely small and the animals were not in the best condition.

A huge variety of monkeys, birds, one elephant (shackled), a leopard, which I am sure would have loved to have eaten everyone looking it at it.

That's enough about that. We both enjoyed a great massage this afternoon and are looking forward to seeing Phuong and co. for dinner tonight.