Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 14 Nha Trang

Not much going on today, we both had a hair cut and took a rickshaw ride to the big market. I had in mind the large, modern Maximart Shopping Centre, but the driver took us to the local market instead...all good! I bought myself a Vietnamese hat so I would blend in...NOT.

I have noticed a couple of hotels, cleverly named Nice Hotel and Good Hotel. If I were to open one here I would call it Clean Cheap Hotel, because when travellers arrive and ask the taxi driver to take them to a hotel, that's usually what they ask for.

No photos today, I am having problems with the cameras. The existing photos are there, but I can't take photos, some sort of 'write protected' thing. Have just Googled the error and may have a solution.

We are off to Dalat in the mountains tomorrow morning by bus. It cost about AU$8 and is 3.5 hours long going on the new road. The first travel agent tried to put us off that idea, because she wanted to push an expensive tour, and told us it took 5 hours with no toilet onboard or stops along the way.

Stray (who is having a massage right now) has had trouble sleeping, so bought a natural remedy yesterday and slept pretty good last night...snored his head off. I'm looking forward to catching up with our friends in Dalat and Vung Tau and to FINALLY do some shopping in the last few days of our trip.

We only took carry on luggage and still packed too much, but it has made moving around the country much easier. You really only need 3 or 4 days worth of clothes because the laundry services are so cheap here.

Well, that's it from me for now.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

as i can read you had a very good time over there. i hope you can fix the problem with your camera and the computer cause i really want to see your new hair cut.
me i'm steal working and this week is my busy week cause i work 7 night in 8 days. but then i'll have some day off and go travelling a little too.
have fun.

Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

The blog is great!

You really should work with tourism; quite easy to notice you have such a way with this. The way you write, the way you see people, places, cultures... That's amazing!

Hope you're having a great time and good luck with your camera.

PS. By the way, has Greg found his clothes he left in the train? lol

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kyle :)

Yes, Greg got his shoes and clothes back from the train station in Danang, near Hoi An...just about to update the last few days on the blog.

Take care