Chiang Mai Cheap Eats - last update 29 July 2011

Chiang Mai Cheap (and not so cheap) Eats.

On our budget I usually aim for around 100 Baht per meal (maximum) , including a drink/s. I've yet to have any bad meals, some ordinary perhaps. The links below are to  posts, sorted by areas in relation to Chiang Mai...the old city, inside the moat.
{The information below was gathered from October 2010 onwards. I'll be updating the posts regularly, but am keeping them predated (4 Feb 2010) so I don't clutter up the home page and bore everyone to tears.}

Cheap Eats West Chiang  Mai - last update 2nd April 2011
Cheap Eats South Chiang Mai last update 29th July 2011
Cheap Eats East Chiang Mai - last update 23rd April 2011
Cheap Eats North Chiang Mai - last update 2nd April 2011
Cheap Eats Central Chiang Mai - last update 10th June 2011