Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 5 Hanoi

Last night after dinner we walked along the lakeside, very pretty at night.

No morning walk around the lake this morning, we slept in after one of us having quite a big night. Amazingly we slept through the first major ringing of the cathedral bells at 5 am and were collected later by Phuong, Anh, Daisy, Tung and Quang for a visit to the botanical gardens, which are beautiful. We played an entertaining game on top of the 'mountain' (a man made hill in the centre of the garden) then our lovely hosts took us to lunch by West Lake.

Stray made some new friends last night just outside of our hotel. The alley way turns into an outdoor cafe after dark. He shared some Bundy Rum with them and they, some vodka with him. One of them, Bao (Fat), and his girlfriend (Win, not sure of the spelling) also caught up with us for lunch.

I would especially like to thank Anh, who doubled me on the back of her scooter and delivered me back to our hotel, safe and sound.

Now we have a couple of hours to unwind and get ready for our overnight trip to Hue on the train.

Again Snap hás said it all which of course ís fine with me :) i would just like to add my own thank you to our friends in hanoi for making our trip here so memorable 'cam on' and ola to kyle - Stray


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