Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 10 Hoi An

Today Stray rode a bicycle out to see Dung's parents, who live on a farm on Cam Nam Island, while I stayed in Hoi An...still getting over a bit of a cold. He did get slightly lost along the way and had to call Dung, in Da Lat. A local boy spoke to her and got directions and let him to their doorstep. Stray enjoyed a few beers with Dad and a lovely lunch. He also met Ngoc, Dung's sister, who works in a charming gallery in the Old City of Hoi An. Thank you to Dung's parents for the gift of snacks, fruit and tea, which will come in handy on the train.
I organised our train trip for tomorrow from Danang to Quy Nhun (pronounced Whee Nyon). We leave in the morning, so we should see some nice scenery along the way.

Well, I am a bit medicated at the moment :) and can't think of anything more to say.

Tam biet

Snap tells all the good ...i ate little birds again at dungs parents was really good and the welcome i got on arrival was amazing tho on my arrival no one could speak english during our meal how ever dung's sister ngoc arrived ...thank you to ngoc for translating .

Snap forgot to mention the aussie couple we met (mike and janine ) we ate with last night was really good to meet them had a gr8 chat and we also downed a few beers.thats it for now off to quy nhun tomorrow ....take care friends ..we are ..:P


Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

Nah Greg,
I think she mentioned that on the last post (Day 9)


Be good mate!