Saturday, October 30, 2010

Umong Wine House Warming

Back home I really enjoy a glass of red wine (probably a little too much at times ;). In Asia, imported wine is obviously on the expensive side when compared to local products, particularly if you're on a local budget. Mike's review on Mao Berry Wine gave me hope, so I thought I'd do a bit of sampling myself. Why not!  A a house warming celebratory drink. We moved from a hotel room into an apartment today.

While wandering around Central Airport Plaza, I purchased a small bottle (70 Baht) of Umong Wine, rather than blow 250 Baht on what might be an inferior product.
Umong Wines are made from a variety of fruits, I chose Litchi (Lychee), which has an alcohol content of 10%. On opening the bottle you'll notice a sharp smell, not unlike that of methylated spirits. Taste, me a little like sweet port with a dash of metho and vinegar. Sediment? Yes, although not very visible in the photo.

It wasn't the worst Asian wine I've tasted, that bottle ended up as drain cleaner in Hanoi, Vietnam. I won't be buying Umong again and wouldn't recommend it.
I've always wanted a hot pink balcony! Excuse the exquisite Chrystal ware, we're still acquiring household goods. The old new apartment is roomy and we've sorted out the cleaning hadn't been. First up we trotted off to stock up on scourers, towels and cloths etc. Nearby is Rimping Supermarket ($$$$ imported products for foreigners and Thais with a quid) and one of a few places I've seen where diligent parking attendants guide reversing cars out of their spaces with hand signals, while wildly blowing a embarrassing!!! Isn't reversing part of the cirriculum when learning how to drive here?

Anyway, I thought I had bought bleach, but it turned out to be smelly pink toilet cleaner. I love my new broom though. Stray brought one of these back from his last trip as a joke, but I loved it so much I hung it my wall at reminds me of a Muppet with an eating disorder.
Street vendor selling various size muppet brooms.
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

we've just moved onto boxed wine. 5 liters for just under 1000 baht, we've adjusted enough to believe it's not too expensive for wine in thailand.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Monica, certainly better than the bottle prices I've seen so far! I'll give it a go.

Mike said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap thanks for the plug. Drain NOT try the Mao Berry ;-) There I am thinking you guys from down under were sherry drinkers.

Love the balcony.

BTW you can get bleach, 7/11's sell it but I can't remember the Thai name, the pink stuff is some sort of acid!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Mike, I'll be sticking to Chang until I save enough pennies for an Aussie Shiraz ;) and yes, thanks, I found the bleach and have been attacking the tile grout and nasty heaven!