Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday - Half of today was spent getting some much needed supplies: phone charger, universal power board, locks etc. But on the top of our list were pillows. Because ours.... well, I reckon somewhere around town two foundation stones are missing.

The mattress isn’t far behind in the comfort department, but we’ll deal with that another day.

Robinsons at Airport Central Plaza, which is on par with Myer or David Jones, was a little over our price range. In fact the prices were similar to those back in Australia. We walked about a kilometre or so down to Tesco Lotus and bought our 199 Baht pillows, including covers.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s sleep, but I’m sure our new purchases will only highlight just how bad the mattress is.

The stretch between to two stores didn’t present any photo opps, but if you’re looking for anything related to mechanics, it would be the place to go. Cars, bikes, spare parts, repairs and so on.

Stray met a few current TEFL course students in and around our hotel, which proved interesting and he was able to have a chat about some of the ins and outs. The hotel is recommended to students so it’ll be a good location to stay in for a while and at around AU$95 per week (AU$175 if you stay a month), it’ll do just fine.

I’m enjoying being away from the inner part of Chiang Mai (although lovely) and not being swarmed by tuk tuk drivers and street hawkers. Also, being a high student density area, everything in general is less expensive, if you want it to be.

I’ve passed by quite a few brightly coloured stands selling sweet treats, but had never stopped to give them a go until tonight. I didn’t have a clue about how to, or what I was ordering, however after a few hand gestures figured I got a cup of something? put my own toppings on and paid accordingly.
The cup was filled with crushed ice with sugary evaporated milk. Topping choices included fruits, lollies, cereals, jelly pieces and chocolate cake. Ideal for those with a very sweet tooth, which I don’t.
The Thai equivalent to Halo Halo?
Today - Morning markets
Mincing meat the old fashioned way
Mmmmmm....battered deep fried chook heads
Assorted mushrooms and vegies
I'm not sure, but it was breakfast. Perhaps a rice flour batter, slightly sweet and cooked in (similar to a waffle) iron with round moulds. Still gooey on the inside and flavoured lightly with chives. Odd, but nice. 20 Baht for eight.

Tomorrow - who knows?



Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap and Stray (I'm trying to entice him off the booze to write a post), I've never had a problem with pillows in Thailand, my nightly fill of alcohol puts that one to bed, however I have woken up with a cricked neck many a time. perhaps a trip to Tesco's is needed.

You can't beat a stroll around Thai markets, they always have something tempting to buy, though the battered chooks heads wouldn't get me reaching for my wallet. Sounds awful, eating a chicken's head....yuck.

Thailand has many varieties of mushrooms, even magic ones on some of the islands although like the chooks heads they wouldn't appeal to me. Normal mushrooms I love, battered are even better.

The bottom photo is a sweet cake called Khanom Krok (excuse the spelling) and they're best eaten hot. They are crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle, absolutely tasty but calorie laden too.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Martyn

Stray says..hic...good morning...hic!

The pillows would have made for lethal weapons in a pillow fight. We've yet to solve the matching mattress problem, but will purchase a quilt or such to distance ourselves from the vinyl.

Thanks for the name of my breakfast. I'm sure I'll be posting many more photos called '?' and if I can find out the names, order them again...or avoid them, whichever the case may be.

Mike said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap if you ever find a comfortable pillow here please let me know :-)

I have spent hundreds of Baht on the damn things and still rest my head on something that feels like it was mined in a quarry.

Some great photos which helped me get over my usual early morning stiff neck.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Mike, the new pillows are just what we needed. No stiff necks or bruises. However, I think we may have been shopping in the children's section...or we just have really big heads ;)