Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've buried the cat, Chiang Mai, here we come!

Stray and I are taking the scenic route to Chiang Mai this time, from the Gold Coast, to Kuala Lumur, to Bangkok, to Chiang Mai. Three flights and two airlines in one day, a tad painful, but very economical. AU$369.00 one way. Let me tell you, we were absolutely buggered by the time we boarded the plane (I can say that even two days prior to leaving, while I'm writing this post). We didn't achieve all we set out to do, but at some stage you have to say 'that's enough, it'll be waiting for us when we get back'.

Emotions - for me, running somewhere between, hysteria, relief, excitement, name it, I've got it.

Last week I had my head in the oven (noooo, I was cleaning it, although it was such a chore, turning the gas on did cross my mind) and I thought back to our return flight from Kuala  Lumpur earlier this year (To get anywhere with Air Asia, we have to go via KL). I was sandwiched between Stray (happy about that) and some older, short, vocal, stumpy Aussie guy.

Me and my big mouth. If I'd shut up and not asked to sit next to Stray, who was across the aisle, we would have ended up with three seats to share.

This ain't us!

Instead, I nodded in and out of sleep (lucky if I get any) to find Stumpy's leg leaning on mine and his elbow well and truly over the invisible arm rest line, while he remained in a spooky trance like state staring at the monitor in front of him, following the plane's course, altitude, speed etc....all night.

He didn't eat or sleep during the whole flight back to Brisbane! I don't know why these wierd details stick in my head, but they do.

Stumpy had divulged his whole life story before the plane had taxied down the run way, well the last few years of it anyway. He'd been living with his Thai girlfriend for four years.

Together (her name, his money) they had acquired a couple of houses, cars and several motor bikes. Quite a little empire. That was until she brought her Thai husband home to meet him. He lost the whole kit and kaboodle and now pays a maid to tend to his needs? instead, rather than take the risk of losing another small fortune.

I reflected and thunk, poor Stumpy...he would have been devastated, blind sided, oblivious as to what was about to unfold. Four years is a bloody long time to scheme, conspire and deceive someone...and to maintain two husbands.

Anyway... did I mention ...
.WE'RE IN TRANSIT RIGHT NOW, with two whopping great jars of vegemite in tow. Who knows what this part of our journey will bring?

It goes without saying we will miss our girls, CJ, LJ, PH and the rest of our family and friends...and pets. I've probably underestimated just how much I'll miss everyone.

I'm certain I'll miss the cool weather, possibly solitude and silence, and Aussie Shiraz...I WON'T miss cleaning the oven.

Stray, apart from our girls and family, what'll you miss? "The boys (mates), Bundy Rum...I don't know, ask me in six months!"

Oh...the cat! One day a Chinese Takeaway food container, full of large rat like bones, appeared on our junk table on the back veranda. I didn't think much of it at the time, I thought Stray had burnt off a large pile of sticks/logs and cremated a dead possum, keeping them for a show and tell session with our girls (living in the bush can be so much fun :). Weeks went by and I finally asked about the takeaway bones. Stray said that it was Roxy, a recently departed cat, but he didn't know how, or whether, to break the news of her disposal to me.

Roxy was 'my' cat, as opposed to the family cat. She died about ten years ago, I found her (actually smelt her first)...I suspect a snake bite, which is ironic, because she was a biscuitarian and a real scaredy cat. I was gutted. Stray's job is to bury the bodies of our beloved pets, which are ceremoniously lowered into the ground and topped with a fruit tree tomb stone. We figure we enjoy the fruit and remember them at the same time (and they make bloody good jam).
So, I was cleaning out the junk cupboard last week, also on the back veranda, and came across the container. Whoops! Another chore I've been meaning to do. She's finally been put to rest under an infant fig tree.
By the way...did I mention we're on our way? I am soooooo looking forward to writing a post from Chiang Mai. I know, I know...Internet connection permitting.
Stray's birthday arm shot.
More 'Arm Shots' to come. Cheers!

*Disclaimer - I am a bit of a bloggernazzi. Stray has no control over what comes out of my mouth and my opinions/thoughts may not be more than likely NOT the same as his. I will however do my utmost to extract a post (I have my ways) from him soon!

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

yeah!! on your way. internet is not problem to find, coffee shops abound! it's the getting your very own internet that we've found can be a bit of a hassle!! hope your flights are smooth!!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips


We're actually here :) My post scheduling needs refining. The flights were a pain, but went smoothly. It's amazing how tiring it can be sitting in planes all day! So far, so good with the hotel internet.

Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap and Stray good luck on your voyage in the Land of Smiles and don't eat the vegemite all at once. I hope Stumpy didn't book a flight at the same time as you, that would be cruel luck.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Martyn, thanks for the well wishes. Luckily Stumpy was nowhere in sight and we got our three seats to share on the long haul.

Theodora said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh dearie me. I laughed out loud at the fate of the cat. Sounds like CM is working out for you.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

T, so far so good! We move into a larger place tomorrow. Once we established the terminology: apartment = studio, condo = apartment, it made things a little easier.