Monday, October 25, 2010

The Garden

The Garden was one of our favourite places to eat, drink and duck out of the hustle and bustle of central Chiang Mai last year, so we went back for a visit. Unfortunately for us, good for them, it's situated smack bang near the intersection of the Sunday night Walking Street Markets.

I don't remember the walking being as slow or as crowded as it was yesterday evening. We stopped for a juice and sat out of the way for about 20 minutes and to escape the stifling heat generated by  bodies and hundreds of stall lights.

Anyway, we got there in the end and were lucky there were still a few vacant seats.

Stray's meal: pad see ew, excellent! My meal: Squid with basil and  of course steamed rice. Also excellent, however, I forgot to say 'nit naawy phrik kha!'. HOLD THE BLOODY CHILLI. Even after plucking the little blighters out, it was incredibly hot. My eyes started watering and the fire in my mouth intensified. I do alright on the chillidometer, but will never reach Thai standards.

I finish my meal. I ask the waiter for a little bit of milk.  He looks at me strangely and questions my request. I guess he couldn't figure out how the milk worked in with the squid dish and Chang beer. 'Yes please', I say. By the time he returned with my milk, delivered in a small jug :) the inferno was dying down...but I drank it anyway for good measure.

On Sunday nights The Garden hosts live entertainment. Usually the musicians are westerners and the music varying from jazz, contemporary and fusion. It's a shame I didn't take any video of the first act, because this guy had a really good repertoire. He was the opening act for a six member jazz band. Here's another one of my poor quality snippets for your viewing pleasure.
The name of the song? Something along the lines of  'I ain't got no shoes'. The irony? The lead singer was the only band member wearing shoes, on a stage/porch clearly signed with 'Please remove your shoes!'.

We stayed for a few hours and as my dinner was only small...thank god, I was feeling a slightly peckish. I call the waiter over and point to menu.

Number 3. 'Fruit salad with ice cream and cream'. I cover the words 'ice cream and cream' with my finger. He looks at me blankly. By this time he must be thinking I'm some sort of nut case.

I say, 'I would like just fruit salad, no ice cream or cream, please'. The waiter does speak a little English. He gives me an understanding nod, says 'OK' and off he goes.

...I'm still waiting for my fruit salad ;)

The Garden is a nice quiet place to sit and relax for a while over a cool drink (except on Sunday nights when it gets a lot livelier), or for a semi alfresco breakfast, lunch or dinner. Reasonably priced, good quality and the service is always very attentive.
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