Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Do-ne List you must know, there are many scary things to do before one leaves on an overseas adventure, trip, debacle.

Bathroom tap - not on the list but it broke anyway. I have no idea why there are so many tooth brushes in that cup, considering there are only two of us living here.

Shower head - not on the list, but came off in my hand the other night while having a shower.

Veranda tiles...OK...they're still lookin' like this a few weeks later.

My new laptop, coz apparently Stray loves his too much to share. Boy did that plan back fire...never again am I buying a joint present, whether he's aware of it or not! BTW, that's our travel trinket table underneath, inspired by my Mum.

Cupboard doors, have been added to the hovel under the stairs and alcove in the back room, formerly known as Stray's fishing cupboard. No pics available.

The FENCE...yes, we've been meaning to build a fence...just haven't got around to it over the last 25 years and approximately 10 loyal dogs later. Oh it goes! At least we'll be getting years of fire wood out of it. It's a big project and kudos to Stray, who has been working on the blinkin' backhoe over the last week, to just get it going again,  let alone, actually doing some clearing, chopping etc.

OK, admittedly, it's rarely seen (BY ME OR OUR NEIGHBOURS), but I still know it exists. And IT WILL DISAPPEAR before we depart. The rear view to 'my grounds to divorce'. The joy of living on acreage with a compulsive hoarder.
anyway...down the track we go.
If you don't know Stray, you'll just have to appreciate/imagine the next series of events...through my warped sense of humoured eyes.

Below...this is dirt... a lot of dirt ...many trees have been sacrificed and the dirt is very soft...TOO soft to drive the all mighty backhoe over...again. We are pointing this out in the photo below. have a camera...and now, I've magically developed a chest.
OK...does this look more realistic?

This is the rear view of my (Snap's) one ever sees it...and no one ever will...again.

Look, says Stray...I have been doing much work...manly work and have much, much more to do.

OK...well, I'll see you later...when the much much more manly fencing has been completed.

Really, no disrespect to Stray, this and many more massive jobs lay in front of us (him), before we depart and will be added to the scary To Do-ne List as we progress.


N said... Best Blogger Tips

Cooooeee!! :) You seem to be having fun with the 'to do-ne' list. My to do is hanging on! Fab way to keep personal stories in here..Thanks for sharing. I shall come again..hovering.
*sleep time*

Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Stray will have plenty to muse over as he goes about his chores, I'm talking about the Thailand trip in October. You must both be looking forward to it, I am, I can't wait to read your posts on life in the Land of Smiles.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi N and Martyn

Muse is probably the operative word ;) We are both REALLY looking forward to the trip, although, it all seems a little scary at times, to me, anyway. I am a little bit of an organisational freak, in case you hadn't picked that up.

It will be our adventure of our lifetime, or a long holiday, or the beginning of an even bigger adventure!