Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snap's Art

Chalk Art, Blackboard Art, is what I do part time, when I’m not at the office, part time. Stray likes to call it playin'. I love it and wish I could afford to do it full time. Most of my work goes to cafes, take aways and restaurants, and mostly interstate to Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

I removed the link to my business websites, because I wanted to keep this blog personal and private and separate...but I'll be uploading some photos of my art from time to time, and putting a link to them all, on the side menu. Can't wait, can you!

This one (below) has removable plaques. Hey presto!

More recently and more often, I've been doing jobs for private home owners who are wanting something different for their kitchens or entertainment areas. It makes a nice change from the usual hamburgers and chips. No, these aren't them.

One of the projects I hope to to complete, while away, is my chalk art course and tutorials...nearly done, but could do more! If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a cooee!

I'd love to do just art for art's sake, but so far can't seem to find the time. I did however do this painting, intended for an art comp. My inspiration? A photo of a spoonful of hot and sour soup on our kitchen sink.
Funnily enough, no photo shopping was required, these odd colours are actually in the photo I took. Unfortunately I was too slack to get it framed and entered.