Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheap Eats Chiang Mai - South of the Moat

{The information below was gathered from October 2010 onward. I'll be updating the posts regularly, but am keeping them predated (4 Feb 2010) so I don't clutter up the home page and bore everyone to tears. My apologies to those who are subscribed to new posts.}

Eating south of the moat. Click on the link for numbered locations

1. P'Lek - Central Airport Plaza Click on the link for numbered locations
The plaza is jam packed with eateries, but try the one just inside the downstairs entrance of the North Village. It's quite a large stall and can be recognised by its big clay pots filled with various soups, which are poured over your choice of noodles. Take a seat and add your own fresh vegetables, herbs and condiments. Be careful choosing your soup if your not into chilli. A tasty, healthy meal and a bargain at 15 ฿. Freshly blended fruit juices (at different stalls) from 20 ฿.

2. South Thipanet Road Click on the link for numbered locations
There are quite a few stalls just outside of the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre, which by the way is a Khantoke Dinner restaurant and show complex 420 ฿ per head. Nearly all have seating areas and are distinguished by their different coloured table cloths and seats....they no doubt will change from time to time. All provide water and ice, but you can BYO beverages.

3. Steak, Chicken and Salad stall Click on the link for numbered locations
We had a thin, but nice peppered steak and shredded salad for 69 ฿ each. Tomato sauce and mayo optional. A nice change if you're wanting a break from Thai flavours. This stall is run by a lovely Muslim lady and is located at the north end of the row. (the table cloths have already changed to a coffee/café theme, with yellow seats).
Tasted better than my photo looks.
4. Rice and Noodle dishes Click on the link for numbered locations
Right next door and south of number 2 above, is a husband and wife team who are a pleasure to watch in action! Two rice/veggie and meat dishes, one Pad Thai - total 80 ฿. Look for the yellow table cloths and red seats.

*5. Harrad's Café Click on the link for numbered locations We've been to Harrad's Café (9 Nantaram Rd) a few times (we actually frequent it a few times a week since I originally posted this), but until last night, only for a coffee, beer, or a serve of chunky, home made hot potato chips for Stray ;)...excellent by the way (40 ฿).

Western breakfasts and meals are usually not my 'thing', but they are on the menu for considerably more than the above. Understandably, due to the extra cost of western cheese! I do like their huge baked potatoes topped with baked beans or chile con carne though :) from only 90 ฿. Stray had a squid in yellow curry, which wasn't on the menu, but happily cooked for him, and I had prawns with cashews and vegetables. The servings were generous and delicious. Thai dishes range from around 55 - 70 ฿ plus rice, for 10 ฿.
We've never had a bad meal there and believe me, we've had quite a few. The latest addition, which isn't on the menu, is Laab Sukhathai. A tangy mince dish served with salad veggies and rice if you want it.

6. Wrap and Roll Click on the link for numbered locations is a small cafe tucked back, but very visible, off Wualai Rd. I was nearly, literally bowled over by the hospitality I received from the moment I walked in, to when I finally decided to leave. Vietnamese dishes such as Pho Bo or Ga (69 ฿ - only available week days) and Baguette sandwiches (59 ฿) are on the menu, and I'll be back to give them a try. On my one and only visit I had a Vietnamese iced coffee (59 ฿) and a (Thai) Pad Ga Praw Moo (stir fried pork with chilli and holy basil 59 ฿), which was made from strips and not minced pork...very nice. The owner lived in Vietnamese, running restaurants for six years, hence the mixture of cuisines.
I was assured that I could sit for as long as I liked, after my meal, which I did.
A nice distance away from busy Wualai Rd.
I look forward to returning to sample more dishes and enjoy the outstanding customer service.

7. Ciccia's House Click on the link for numbered locations This probably the best pizza I've had in Chiang Mai to date...I didn't mind the overdone crust one bit, because that meant that it was cooked! Sadly, under baked pizza seems to be popular here.
Sorry, I can't remember the cost, but it was no more expensive that anywhere else and was an ample lunch for two people. I didn't mind the fresh fruit salad, muslei with yoghurt and a coffee, I had there the other day, either. Generous serving and very tasty. Just a few doors south of Harrads, but before you reach the hospital.
The place with the round orange sign

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