Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheap Eats Chiang Mai - West of the Moat

{The information below was gathered from October 2010 onwards. I'll be updating the posts regularly, but am keeping them predated (4 Feb 2010) so I don't clutter up the home page and bore everyone to tears. My apologies to those who are subscribed to new posts.}

Eating west of the moat - see map and numbered legend for locations Note, not all of the Soi Sutheps are numbered on Google maps. Count west from highway 121, along Suthep, to ascertain their numbers.

1. Mr Churro Donut see map and numbered legend for locations
Cheap, good coffee in a large mug with fresh milk 15 ฿. Nice donuts from 15 ฿. Western food: OK 6 slice Pizza from 170 ฿ and (didn't try them) french fries 49 ฿. Open 7.30 am - 10.30 pm.
2. Cafe?
Small clean cafe, 6th shop from the (south west, heading away from Mr Churro Donut) corner, blue table cloths. There's a white and orange lightbox sign just outside, but I think it must belong to the closed store next door. It Google translated to 'Dr than beautiful'? Curry, vegies and rice from 20 ฿

3. Large local style restaurant? see map and numbered legend for locations
Excellent, but not sure of the name. Large cafe with timber furniture. 2 Indian style curries, one pork and egg, one squid, both with rice 65 ฿. On the corner (not visible on map) of Moo 8 and Soi Suthep 7.

4. Derm Derm Bar and Restaurant see map and numbered legend for locations
Nice atmosphere, large out door candle lit eating areas. Stray enjoyed his deep fried catfish in red curry 68 ฿. My soup of tofu, minced pork and cabbage was light on the solid ingredients, but nice 68 ฿, stir fried brocolli with crispy pork 68 ฿ plus 2 serves rice 30 ฿. Large Chang Beers 50 ฿. The location on the map is not exact, but you can't miss the signs and lanterns in the trees. Open only in the evenings when we were there.
Most evenings you can find just about anything along this stretch, including clothes. Chicken skewers topped with mayo and eshallots 10 ฿. Curries, rice or noodles and a plate of salad vegies to choose from, for around 25 ฿. Langsat 30 ฿ kilo and apples 10 ฿ each. The stall with yellow signs, red table cloths and chairs, opposite Soi Suthep 3 and 4 is good value.
6. Woraran Music School Cafe* see map and numbered legend for locations
You'll see a sign for the school but not the cafe on the corner of Soi Suthep 5 and Suthep Rd. Lovely setting in amongst trees, timber building, table and chairs . Good quality salads with meat. Also, Thai rice and meat dishes. One (really fresh) salad with ham, sausage and boiled egg. Accompanied by a toasty hot bread bun and butter 40 ฿ Cup of coffee with fresh milk 25 ฿. I'll be going back.

7. Kasem Store - see map and numbered legend for locations
Situated at the north end of Nimmanhemin Rd (Nimmaahaeminda Rd), opposite Soi 3. Kasem Store - left side is a grocery store with a wide range of fresh bakery goods at the front. The right hand side is a coffee shop. The store is charming and has timber doors and facure. Grab a cake from the store and order a coffee from the cafe. Cappuccino, lovely! and complimentary cold water 35 ฿, pastries/buns start at around 18 ฿.

8. The Cat House C see map and numbered legend for locations or their website.
This place is quaint, quirky and dishes up great food. The location on my map is not exact, but the street is. You can't miss the multicoloured assortment of out and indoor timber dining settings. It's on the right hand side, heading away from Nimmanhaemin Rd. Special of the Day - Tofu, chicken or pork curry in Indain style bread with salad 60 Baht. They also have a good range of drinks from 30 Baht.

9. Love More (ex - Out Doors) C Renamed, now with bright pink and blue neon signs see map and numbered legend for locations 16/1 Soi 5 off Nimmana Haeminda Road (Nimmenhemin).
Out Doors is reasonly priced with meals ranging from around 80 Baht. The four of us ate (stuffed ourselves) 9 or 10 dishes, got  two takeway meals and a couple of drinks each, for under 1000 Baht.
Like the name suggests, this restaurant is out doors, but most table settings are under cover. Good value and delicious food, from Thai cuisine to crumbed chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese.
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