Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheap Eats Chiang Mai - North of the Moat

{The information below was gathered from October 2010 onward and is being gathered on the 'Chiang Mai Cheap Eats' Page. I'll be updating the posts regularly, but am keeping them predated (4 Feb 2010) so I don't clutter up the home page and bore everyone to tears. My apologies to those who are subscribed to new posts.}

Cheat eats north of the moat. See map for numbered locations

1. Mee Mee See map for numbered locations
Tucked away on highway 1001 (Mae Jo Rd), is a Suam Chok Markets. You can find anything from motorbikes to clothes to bedding to, of course food. Mee Mee specialises in Burmese cuisine.
 As you can see the prices are low, so I ordered a hot coffee (with fresh milk) and Pork curry...which was nice. Mild and tomato-ish. I should have twigged when the waitress asked if Burmese curry was OK?...sure! I've never tried Burmese food.
However, it is more expensive than the Thai version by 30 Baht. Be sure to order from the full menu for exact pricing. The restaurant is charming and decorated tastefully. Sit inside, on the veranda...
..or under a covered area just across the lane (not pictured). Wander around the markets, do some shopping and grab a bite to eat. A nice way to spend a morning or afternoon.
2. Sukhonta Pig And Shrimp Pan (สุคนรา หมู-กุ้งกาทา) is tucked away at the end of a long alley which runs down the side of The Hillside Plaza and Condotel, on Huai Kaeo Road. The yellow signs are the only clue to its entrance.See map for numbered locations
This is the restaurant.
With 500 hundred tables it can (and did on this evening) accommodate 2000 people. It might not be the place to go if you're new to dining in Thailand and or can be a little daunting (sorry Mum!). Raw meats, seafood, processed morsals which I don't eat and vegetables are laid out on tables, ready to collect and to be cooked back at your very rustic table. Korean BBQ style, with grill in the centre and soup bubbling around the edges. I think there would have been stock...somewhere, but we used the soup was just reaching perfect as we were leaving.
Do take care though, as waiters tend hurtle through the crowds carrying two or three smouldering hot pans of coals to fuel your cooktop. Ready cooked meals are also available, as are sweets upon sweets, cakes and drinks.
You can eat and drink until you're bursting at the seams for around 160 Baht...I have a feeling it's a little cheaper on week nights.

More cheap eats coming soon.

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