Friday, September 10, 2010

Visas, birthdays and the To-Done list

Well it appears Stray has his four week TEFL course to attend and it appears I have my visa documents waiting at the Thai Consulate in Brisbane. When our police checks are returned from the Federal Police, we can finally mail our applications. I'll sleep better when I have my visa encrusted passport in my hot little hand.

Tomorrow is September 11th, both of our daughter's birthdays. They're not twins, we were just incredibly good planners...hah! Tonight we'll have a celebration dinner with family.

The To Do-ne list is growing smaller, although I think we may have to tear off bottom of the list.

I've been tending to small repairs, like replacing and patching floor slate floor tiles, poisoning our asparagus fern farm (whoever imported the first one into Australia should be drawn and quartered), cleaning and spot painting our beams and rafters upstairs, arranging the installation of insect screens, bogging holes in timber work etc. etc. etc.

Stray has been disposing of his 'treasures', slowly, but surely (a massive job) and the shed area is looking much nicer. Steptoe and Son would be in tears. The cattery isn't finished yet...hopefully soon.

Short post today, not much to say, nothing exciting happening...yet, so some photos taken, last month after good rains, around our yard.


Tom Yam said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Snap,
See, i told you everything would work out! Maybe i'm just one of those people who don't worry about a thing and tend to "wing" my way through life. I've never once made a "to do" list and usually pack my ruck sack 5 minutes before i leave.
I'm glad everything is coming together for you guys.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Tom, you and Stray sound like two peas in a pod!

straytiger said... Best Blogger Tips

I must agree i like ya style Tom, but she worries, so i move quicker than my own beat, but not quite quick enough for her beat.
And our daughters are born the same day 2 years apart,mmm whats that tell ya mmm Anyways that days is TODAY so happy birthdays girls.
Luv yas...:)

Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Excellent news about the visa and Stray's TEFL course.

Two daughters born on the same date but not twins is incredibly good planning. Either that or Stray's birthday is on December 11th.

There's some amazing fungi growing on those trees. You could eat really strong cheese off it.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Martyn, you are not the fist to suggest there is something special about the 11th December ;)

Our 'excellent' news about my visa is not set in concrete yet... still waiting, smiling, waiting....