Saturday, September 18, 2010

Videos - The Sounds and Rum O'clock, New Zealand 2009

....still uploading videos.

Early last year Stray and I took a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand and back. Personally and unlike Stray who is quite the social butterfly, I'm not one for cruises. However, if the price is right, I'll go. Why I'm not keen on them - I eat way too much, over priced drinks, I tire of nodding and saying hello every minute or so, to passing fellow passengers, I'm not into bath towel origami lessons and you usually only get one day in port to race around like a headless chook, seeing the sights.

Pros- I eat way too much, the places I visit in one day, I only have to unpack once, hmmmm that's about it.

One of the highlights, a MUST SEE, on the NZ cruise was on the last day, before heading back to Australia. A day cruising through four of the Sounds. The videos don't do them justice and it was hard to get a good shot of the surrounds due to everyone (as the day grew warmer) jostling for a good position, to do the same.

Dusky Sounds
Did you know? Due to the enormous amount of rain that runs off the islands, into the sea, there is a constant layer of about 10 metres of fresh water sitting on the surface.

Another cruise ship hot on our tail in Doubtful Sounds
Where room permitted, not sure which Sound we were in, the ship did a 360 degree turn, on it's own axis. Sorry, that's not on the video...just a bit of trivia!

The small slivers of yellow, in the water below the fall, are kayaks.

Part of Stray's usual routine at home, is a Friday night drink with the boys, at our place or theirs. So, with that in mind and it being a Friday... I'm not sure if this was his first or fifth. (Apologies for my scary head shot towards the end)