Friday, September 9, 2011

Heaven in a banana leaf cup

Yes, the pursuit for delicious and different food continues...just ask my butt! 

Mouse took me to the market yesterday, where I bought Hor Mok Bplaa. The thing about going to the market, with a local, is that they know who sells the best, freshest, whatever and at the best price. Oh, and they can explain to you exactly what it is you’ll be eating later.

Hor Mok Bplaa is a Steamed Curry and Fish Custard (hòr mòk bplaa /ห่อหมกปลา)

Big chunks of white fleshed fish, in a savoury curry flavoured egg custard. Topped with coconut milk, herbs and chilli, all steamed in a banana leaf cup. The wonders of ye olde banana leaf will never cease.
Accompanied by stir fried Tamarind shoots, chilli, tomato and other unidentifiable organic morsels, topped with deep fried shallots.

What more can I say?...except that I didn’t get to eat it straight away and don't have a microwave to warm it up. But, if you can eat cold pizza, you can definitely eat this (at room temperature) too!

Taste V's Hip Pocket?

10/10 - 70 Baht - (AU$2.22) for a bit more than what's on the plate, enough for lunch for two falang.
Followed by Thai dessert  # 1,874, also in a banana leaf, for 10 Baht (AU$0.32) for 4 parcels.

I win!

Falangified Video Recipe from Marion's Thailand for Hor Mok Bplaa.

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