Friday, September 23, 2011

Breast slapping - not sure if it's for me!

You know how you get those emails (thank you Ernie) from time to time, that you just want to share with everyone. Couldn't go past putting this on Cooee....since it's so totally Thailand.

"Sometimes we have to refuse treatment because some breasts are too small to be enlarged." 
I can just see the tears now.

This is the original article in the Herald Sun

Apparently it's not a new concept -
The Independent 2003 
The Health Ministry offers the classes as a substitute for silicone implant surgery, increasingly common among slender Thais. The government seems to consider the beauty of Thai women a vital natural resource to be better developed....The ministry launched a six -month study on volunteers aged 20 to 60, and found vigorous massage left their breasts cancer-free and measurably bigger.
Hmm...not sure, but I reckon if I went in for regular slapping around, I'd increase by a few centimetres of swelling too. Although, I did read that it not only involves slapping, but also pinching massaging and the permanent relocation of fat! So, maybe I could have my butt and thighs gradually relocated to my chest?

One thing I do know for sure is, that at 8 - 10 million baht per course, I'm in the wrong business.

Any thoughts?

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Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

"So, maybe I could have my butt and thighs gradually relocated to my chest?"

Oh. Lordy. Lordy :-D

TiT takes on a totally new meaning.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine I'm a bit slow, didn't even make the connection between these tits and sad of me. That would have opened a hole other can of worms = puns :)

For anyone not in the know 'TiT' stands for 'This Is Thailand'... so, anything is possible :)

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine Blatantly obvious one shouldn't drink and blog...TiT is one of the labels/keywords I chose for this post. Perhaps I need slapping around the ear'oles.

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap, don't feel bad. I didn't find the tit / TiT elsewhere either.

There I was on Friday night, laughing my head off at the connection - but I discovered I was laughing alone.

Not for long though :-D

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine there is that awkward moment when one laughs alone, for too long, isn't there :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

oh every time I read about this I want to wrap my arms across my chest and protect the girls...ouch!

Not for me!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@The Expat Wife I know what you mean...I feel it too :)

Good luck with your move later this year. I was reading your blog, but couldn't leave a comment?