Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking for a good massage in Chiang Mai?

So, I'm lying there...on my back...fully arched over the raised knees of the masseuse underneath me. I'd usually have some reluctance about being in this position, being, well not the lightest compared to most Thai women. However, my lady today is not what you'd call 'delicately boned'. But boy, does she and her colleagues know what they're doing!

Anyway, as she's massaging my temples, possibly so I don't notice the blood rushing to my head, and I think to myself, I really ought to give this place a plug.

If you've ever had a Thai massage, you may have hobbled away feeling rather contorted, if not assaulted. Not at Saija...well, not if you don't want to. All the girls there have been trained at the same school and do a wonderful job. And, if you're like me and you like less pulling, maneuvering and twisting, and more of the muscle relaxing rubbing type of massage, just let them know.

Another great thing about Saija Massage is that I've never had to wait while they 'dial a masseuse'. There always seems to be ample, regular staff on hand.

A one hour Thai massage (at the moment) is 160 Baht and of course they have all the usual different combinations, as well as pedi/manicures from 60 Baht....I miss them, and the iced ginger tea, already!

Saija Massage (look for the round orange signs)
69/1 Radchapakinai Road
T. Prasing, A. Muang
Chiang Mai 50200
Across the road from the purple looking 'Diva Guest house' Map

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Lani said... Best Blogger Tips

I just took my friends to one of my favorites, Baan Lanna on the same road as I'll have to give Saija a try too!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lani Lani, was you who introduced me and the Alaskan to Saija ;)...remember, the three of us got a pedicure? I might have to give Baan Lanna a go.

Chiang Mai Weather said... Best Blogger Tips

Good tip :) I've always found it 50/50 in Chiang Mai whether I'll come out relaxed or even more wound up, so I'll give this place a try. As it happens I can see it from my balcony right now!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Chiang Mai Weather the flooding here at the moment must be keeping you and your website busy?

I really do like Saija, was back there again just this morning :)

Ivan said... Best Blogger Tips


I am currently in Taiwan, masssage here tend to run around 400 ntd ( almost the same as Thai Baht) so to expensive to have as often as I would in LOS.. The other non-starter is that the folks here like to do deep tissure massage, like deep to the bone.. Yiikes and if that is not painful enough, they have a bucket of wooden tools , yiikes again.. It feels so good when they stop,, maybe thats it. cannot wait to get back to LOS, hope the water subsides by then.


Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ivan I actually prefer deep tissue massage, but not as deep as the Chinese type sound. I know what you mean about it feeling good when they stop. I had a foot massage the other day at a massage school. He found my sore points 2 seconds into washing my feet and continued to work on them...I'm sure they used this type of torture in past wars ;)

He was very serious about what he was doing and suggested I had some type of stomach issue??? Not sure, because those tender spots have been that way since I was a kid.