Friday, March 18, 2011

The Rim

Right now I'm back looking at my hot pink balcony listening to a symphony of power tools emanating from a nearby constructions site. But, for the last two weeks I had the pleasure playing host to a very special Mum! Not only was I able to show her some of the sites around Chiang Mai, but I also got to bunk in with her at The Rim Chiang Mai hotel.

I wouldn't be surprised if unsuspecting tourists have mistaken this place for a temple, with its ornate arched entrance which is guarded by fierce mythical creatures.
Too lazy to cross the road, so I lifted this first shot from

In keeping with the northern Thai style of Lanna, the rooms are rustic with dyed, polished concrete floors, roughly rendered walls and unrefined timber furnishings and trimmings.
From reception to house keeping, from the restaurant to the watchman, all are extremely courteous, helpful and friendly. Attention to detail starts as soon as you enter the room with a welcome tray of Thai sweets and handwritten card. All of the accessories in the room, and there are many, are either covered or enclosed in cloth or gold leaf decorated wooden boxes. 
House keeping visits not only once, but twice a day to clean, top up, replenish and replace. What? Tea, including herbal, coffee, expensive mini bar, snacks, bath salts, lotion, luffas, soaps, tissues, those fluffy cotton things in that box, shampoo, conditioner, robes, towels and on and on...or your bed sash, robe or ornamental pillow may need storing for the evening. They've even thought of an alarm clock for early morning starts and mozzie coils and insect spray should you wish to sit out on the veranda after dark.
The thirty six rooms and a small gym, surround a pool, gardens and sitting area with bar. Just outside lies one of Chiang Mai's busy, hectic moat roads (Thanon Arak), but inside the hotel complex it's quiet and oasis like. The front reception building, which was once a home, blocks out the sound of traffic and the naga fountains at the corners of the pool, create a sort wet, white noise.
The flowers floating in the large clay pots around every corner, become candles by night. Umbrellas appear in similar pots as wet weather sets in. Every evening musicians playing traditional instruments, greet you after a long, hard day of touring...or shopping. Breakfast is served in the adjoining Canal Restaurant and is made to order off the menu, or chosen from a small buffet, or both. Also open for lunch and dinner, it is on the expensive side, but OK for those who can afford it, on holidays, want a special night out or who are staying with their Mum :)

The Rim is true to it's website. Don't let the advertised price mortify phase you, check some online booking sites like and then send Stray to walk in and negotiate an even cheaper price (not looking desperate, with your luggage in tow), easier to do if you're staying for more than one week.

If someone pushed me to find fault with The Rim, the only thing I could say is that there aren't any in-room safes and the cleaning staff have a habit of reopening the internal window shutter...which looks from the bedroom into the bathroom and vice versa...and by the time you realise, you're probably already comfortably seated on the loo. Oh! and there were no chocolates on my pillow.

May I just say again, attention to detail!!!!!
If you do end up staying at The Rim, I can recommend heading two streets north to Intra Warorot Rd and either grab a cheap local meal on the corner or turn right and eat at the Fai bakery/restaurant. Fai is open all day, everyday until late and has both inside air conditioned seating or outside and under cover. Great prices and huge menu, mainly Thai, but they do offer salads and of course, cakes! The Rim is also only a 500 metre walk to the Wat Phra Singh end of Sunday Night Walking Street Market.

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Mike said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap, very nice too. I agree about the temple, in fact the entrance looks like a traditional Sala Thai.

The Singha and Thai demon perpetuate the belief too.

Nice pics, hope Mum had a great holiday.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

The statues at the entrance are wonderful and the side of the restaurant is adorned with Theps...I'll never forget Theps ;) I'm thinking I need to place some outside of my usual abode to keep out the insomnia demons.

Mum had a nice holiday, thanks!

Lani said... Best Blogger Tips

i shall live vicariously through you. i think i've stopped at the entrance of this hotel before. and just looked from the outside!!! love the details - well, a little gross sometimes.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lani The entrance is a good indication of what the rest of the hotel is like. Nice!

I already miss the peace and quite. The day I returned home, I was greeted by a two day public promotions concert which made our building vibrate and ongoing construction work next door. Even turning up our TV didn't drown out the noise :(

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

"and by the time you realise, you're probably already comfortably seated on the loo. Oh! "

I SO hate that too! It might seem a good idea to designers (great for photo shoots), but I want my toilet space separated from my bed space.

Love the 'attention to detail' ;-D

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine Yes, separated from my bed space and preferably SOUND PROOF! ;)

Talen said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful Hotel , Snap. I would very easily think it was a temple at first but luckily all the beautiful temples I visit are far cheaper.

Looks like you and Mum had a great time.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Talen Yes, far, far cheaper...but not the same service, I'm sure ;)