Sunday, August 15, 2010

What are these please?

Sunday morning markets.

Turmeric? and chillis.
Don't know what's in the bags, the guy selling these didn't know their any language. Here's a close up, any ideas? Small to big pea sized and shaped, each on their own stork attached to a main stem. Most were green, a few were turning yellow to red and you can just make out the small cream coloured flowers. Chillis?


Sunday morning market at Woodridge Station, Brisbane, Australia 6 am - 12 pm. We walked away with enough fruit and veggies to hurt my arms, for AU$20.00.


Tom Yam said... Best Blogger Tips

The things in the bag look very similar to something we have in Thailand called a "macooer" It's probably nowhere near the right spelling and they look a little small but it's my best stab!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Tom, I believe you're right! Stray thought they looked similar to a veggie in Thai Green Curry but these were much smaller than the ones we had seen...they are Makheua Phuang (Pea Eggplant)according to Google. The larger ones we ate were probably Makheua Brot Chao Phraya or Apple Eggplant.

Thanks again, I'll be buying some next time we go marketing.

Tom Yam said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for putting me right with the quick botany and spelling lesson!
These things grow wild along the river bank outside our house and Laong just nips over and pulls a few to drop in the green curry. I eat them raw as well.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

I wouldn't have been able to put US right without YOUR vital clue...I was getting nowhere Googling 'small pea like vegetable'. I remember the larger type being a bit odd/bitter in taste, but will give these a go!

Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap - Visiting a Thai market will require you to have bloody strong arms if you're going to spend AU$20.00 at one, that's nearly 600 baht. I think you'll probably need a taxi back to your place unless you buy a shed load of durian.

I love Thai markets, there's so many wonderful colours and smells about, providing you skip the dried fish stalls of course.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Martyn, I agree, Thai markets are party for the senses! I am hoping to feed myself for AU$20 a week, as I'll be an incomeless student for the duration of my stay ;)

Durian...hhmmmm...haven't tried it, but will. From what I've read I'll be making sure I have a peg for my nose and won't be doing it in my apartment.