Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Update - the Rotty, Blackboards, getting ready etc.

Things are going pretty well to plan.

1. I have confirmed that there is NO alien infestation in the Donga...just dry rot and have relocated it's contents outside, to the yard , under a tarp, and am arranging for new flooring to be delivered. It has been a very INTERESTING exercise (CJ and LJ!!!!), since some of it's contents have been long buried and forgotten for may years.

2. I have completed and shipped off the last of my blackboard jobs off to their various habitats and am looking forward to completing my 'How To' Chalk Art ebook/tutorials, while in Thailand.

3. The Rotty seems to have (touch a freakin' forest's worth of wood) stopped chasing the sheep next door...YES, we have Kiwi's living adjacent to us. As big as he is, Conan is like a giant rodent and has a Houdini like talent of being able to squish, squeeze and slide under a few centimetres of barbed wire dog fencing. I take that back...I just had to retrieve him from the neighbours place, yet again.

Conan, the Rotty, in bliss!
 4. I feel like I am living in a bit of a war zone of late, as expected, with so many different projects happening, both in and outside of my head. Boxing up, repairs and building happening all around.

5. I have been investigating some really interesting and invaluable (to me) blogs...and am sure I have yet to discover many more! As much as I like to go off on a tangent...I am trying to focus on Thailand...Chiang Mai....learning Thai and having a ball! For now, anyway!

I've moved the Blogga Log (Blog Roll) to a stand alone page due to my growing addiction to reading and collecting blogs of interest.


why Egypt ? said... Best Blogger Tips

good post

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Why Egypt? Thanks. You have some wonderful photography on your blog!

Martyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap, busy days indeed, then again they should make Thailand and Chiang Mai arrive a lot quicker.

I love the pictures of the blackboard chalkings, the writing is really neat and the drawings are so full of colour. Art is definitely an art if you know what I mean. Happy scribbling and sketching.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the compliment Martyn and Re: Busy Days - truth be told, I am actually enjoying cleaning out a lot of unnecessary 'stuff' out my life and seeing tasks completed, that should have been finished many years ago.