Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pilotage Cambodia

It's 2008 and Missy sets off from the US to Cambodia...her first time in Asia! She stays for eight months and revisited just recently. She spent her time there teaching English and Art at Aziza's Place (AP). AP is an orphanage of sorts, although in this case, the kids have parents. Pilotage Cambodia, Missy's blog, takes you on a journey of sadness and joy, as she briefly touches and enriches the lives of the kids doomed to an existence of scavenging at Steung Meanchey city dump, she in turn creates memories and learns lessons I am sure she never knew were possible.

"Words cannot describe the journey.. but they try." - Missy.

Steung Meanchey

I can't tell you how I tripped over Pilotage Cambodia, because it was completely off my normal blog circuits, but I am so glad I did. As a blogaholic, it's hard to pick a favourite...if there is such a thing, but there was something about the way Missy wrote that kept me glued from start to finish. 

AP also has its own Newsletter called Aziza's Courtyard and it too, is well worth a visit, subscription...or better still, a donation.

Cambodia, and of course Ankor Wat, is on my 'see before I cark it list'. Stray and I heard nothing but good things about the country from fellow travellers and I hope when we're in Thailand, that we can make the journey. I know I'll be making a special stop, whilst there!

If you have time or love a good, honest read, please take time to check out Pilotage Cambodia...from the beginning.


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Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Honeymoon bed breakfast...I have published your comment, even though it is commercially motivated, because I believe Cambodia IS a beautiful place to visit and hope to make it there soon.

I will be calling you to get a special rate ;)

Swiss said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap! Thank you so much for writing about my blog! I am honored and touched that you like it! And I can't wait to see how your travels to Thailand go!! Much Love - Missy

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

You're very welcome Missy. Stray also read Pilotage Cambodia, cover to cover, and loved it too. I can wait to write about our travels to Thailand...time is going slowly at the moment, unless of course I think about the To-Done list :)