Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taxi Shrines 2

Number two of 'Taxi Shrines'. This one very neat and well maintained, because the flowers (I was told) are artificial. 'Garlands ("DOOK MALAI" - ดอกมาลัย - flower garlands) are also offered to Buddha statues. Their white color symbolises the beauty of Lord Buddha teachings. When they get old, they symbolize the life impermanence' - Wikipedia. They are bought for plain old good luck and just for decoration as well.

I've also seen them called roi malai (roi = making) and phuang malai.
A friend (the lovely P Chur) in Bangkok sent me the links below to illustrate just how intricate some of them can be. Although I've never personally seen such elaborate garlands sold by street vendors and am guessing these are more apt for weddings and celebrations. Used in much the same way as we would use a flower arrangement...except these are hanging. Apparently one should not sniff them before offering them to the recipient (not sure if that's only while they're looking ) which is a shame, because the real ones smell divine...usually of Jasmine. , and

My progress in learning Thai has been non existent over the last month or so, work has left me no time to study. So I apologise in advance if I have directed you to any unsavoury websites in the links above. For a lot more info and some more pics visit Way of Design blog.


Jungle Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi snap - nice post - the variety of taxi shrines is mind boggling. Sometimes there are gold cats, which you must never touch because they symbolise a god (I learned that the hard way), sometimes they are amulets which contain stones, or buddha images from ancient monks and protect the car with magic. Sometimes you see paste which looks a bit like dirt painted above your head inside the car (also I've tried to rub this off to the horror of the driver) it's ancient pali scripture protecting the vehicle. Will add you to my blogroll, look forward to future posts. Thanks

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never seen the paste above my head, but will take notice next time. So glad to hear from you. I'm reading your blog from beginning to May? and was hoping that wasn't where it ended. Bloggers sometimes disappear just as you find them, or just as it gets really interesting.