Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's a jungle out there - mop buckets, shampoo...

'It's a jungle out there' will no doubt be a regular post on this blog. Nearly every day, or at least every week, I buy something I didn't intend to or can't find something I want. Some days it's a bit like a Lucky Dip! So these posts will often  be a cry for help. Shopping without being able to read can also turn up some pleasant surprises!

After a particularly bad morning the other day, involving a suspected broken toe, rude tuk tuk and songthaew drivers and a giant headache, I decided to wash my hair with my new bottle of shampoo...which turned out to be CONDITIONER! That's the culprit on the right.
Today I bought shampoo, I checked the back and it said 'shampoo' (I should have done that last time), I checked the store shelf label, it said 'shampoo'. On the front is coffee and purple flowers. I like both of those! It's the black bottle on the left.

This is the shampoo.

I almost flicked it off my hand like an unwanted bug! My hair feels great though, and it didn't stain the porcelain...and NO I don't know what's in it, but it does resemble some type of toxic waste (just kidding). I think it's meant to maintain hair that's been dyed black?

At Tesco a few days ago, I bought a mop. There were about three trillion different styles to choose from and only one mop bucket in sight. The mop was about 55 Baht, the bucket, which sat alone in a spiffy box, 670 Baht ??? It looked super duper, but something about the difference in price just didn't make sense. None of the mops on offer had wringers or squeezers on them. A visit to the bucket aisle proved mop buckets their either.

Since then I've kept my eye out for a mop bucket, you know, the ones with the wringer rollers or colander like attachment and can't find them anywhere.

Like this...
...or this.
COME ON PEOPLE where are you hiding the mop buckets??????

Stray was doing homework tonight (ha ha) and needed sticky tape (or sellotape for you foreign people). At the 7-11 he picked up this.

Granted the little metal piece fell out of the packet and we didn't quite know what it was at first...Fiddley, but it works quite well. I may have been living under a rock back home...but I've never seen this before.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

MOPS Eh? no DANOS DIRECT up there buy one get one free! As for the hair shampoo...I recall what a little birdie told me about using the wrong face cream.....Not nice about the sore toe, lots of ice packs maybe?...the prices of the buckets for that neck of the woods seem high to yours truly, but then...the Boss does not let me out much....Al Pal @ 291

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

There probably is a Danos or alike, I'll check it out if I can't find a bucket soon. I just hope the website has an English version.

I'm sure there out there somewhere!

The toe finally reduced to normal size, I dropped an electric kettle on it last week :(

thaikarl said... Best Blogger Tips

hi! found your blog from thaimalcolms blog.
ahh, trying to find what we westerners consider 'ordinary' things. "mai me" - not have. even simple things, like "S" hooks, rope cleats (to tie up the strings for the awnings) - Mai Me.

and the labeling on shampoo/conditioners has burned me also. AND the black conditioners as well. my wife doesn't send me to the store to buy these things anymore. there's a big-box store in bangkok, called... um starts with an "M" - Mako? Makro? that is like a costco kind of place. they might have a proper mop bucket. my wife uses a rag that she wrings out and clips into a mob holder with a wire thingie on the end. but you have to wring out the mop with your hands.

amazing thailand!


Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Thaikarl, thanks for dropping by. I finally found the bucket at Circle C...only 220 Baht. I wasn't looking forward to a to year of wringing the mop out by hand ;) I'm a much happier woman. I do enjoy the 'differences', obviously, or I wouldn't be here...but sometimes it does do my head in a little...mai bpen rai!