Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shhhhhhhhhhhh...enjoying the quiet!

After the recent turmoil in BKK, it's nice to enjoy the quiet. I hope it's all over...but time will tell. On the upside, some good news City Stands United As 4000 Clean Up :)

On the up, up side, I discovered some really interesting (for me) blogs while looking for local, Thai updates and will add them to the side menu soon.

In the meantime, a dear friend in BKK sent me this link to virtual tours, of Thai Palaces. Of course, nothing can compare to actually being there.

Unfortunately you can't walk around, but only look up, down, left ,right and round and round.

Did I mention we now have one of these?
Yes...one grandbaby. I debated whether to include her (and family in general) in this blog...after all, she hasn't given me permission to publish her photo. We'll call her PH and she's absolutely gorgeous.


leaking crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

hello hello! you contacted my on my old blog, but i have a new one. i don't want the two to get connected, so i can't put the address of the old on here (it's a long not at all interesting story that speaks more to my crazy than anything else.) anyway... you asked where we had settled in chiang mai. don't know how familiar you are with chiang mai, but we'ver fairly close to prince royal's college. i'll have to take some time and peruse your blog for more info.

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep...it's you. I am happy you didn't totally give blogging away. Have been reading Leaking Crazy, which is great by the way.