Friday, April 8, 2011

This is really bugging me!

Gotcha! I'm not really going to have a whinge, I've been going through photos from when JJ was here and completely forgot to post about the Siam Insect Zoo...which is on the way to Maesa Elephant Camp.

The zoo/museum is a small affair which appeared to be somewhat family run. The owner/collector happily filled us in on some of the non dead creeping, crawling displays on show, inside the building. Regrettably, many of the photos weren't up to par because of the protective glass.

Note the two butterflies on the right, one male, impaled on a pretty pink sewing pin and one female. Now look at the butterfly on the left. Half male, half female, or super glue?
Gynandromorph can and does occur in butterflies and moths, but it's extremely rare.
What can I say, except there was case after case of beautiful Lepidopteras and prehistoric looking bugs....and it's at about this time...
...that my dear, long time friend reminds me of the day I collected ALREADY DECEASED Christmas and metallic looking beetles OK, I confess...and some large shiny flies too to decorate my Aussie Bush Christmas Wreath. Hey! it looked great and thanks for bringing it up. It would have looked even more festive if I'd had these on hand.

From the dead exhibits we moved outside to the live displays, where a lovely young lady opened screened cage doors and lifted up lids on pots to reveal their wriggling, jumping, hopping contents. And, I have no idea why this one isn't stinging her...clearly I was not paying attention didn't know how to ask.
A Stick insect, trying his darndest to blend in with a garden steak.
The zoo also rears their own food grubs, worms and smaller critters for the live exhibits and has on show, insects in their various stages of egg, cocoon, larvae, pupa and caterpillar and so on. 
Leaf nests
I've seen a lizard that looks like a snake before, a Legless lizard, but his little guy looks like a snake with legs. Any ideas? Not quite sure what he's doing at an insect zoo.
From the undercover area we moved into the live butterfly aviaries, but, I must admit I was paying more attention to the plants...they were easier to spot.
Just an innocent game of reverse leapfrog, I'm sure!
If you're in the Mae Rim area or just really, really like insects, visit the Siam Insect Zoo website for more details on their whereabouts and the residents.

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Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

You added beetles and flies to a Christmas wreath? Heh. I can't get over reading that. I've made many Xmas wreaths from wild grape vines (collecting the vines in the winter was fun) but I took the bugs off and never thought to add more.

And can I say that again? - so funny, I can't resist - You used beetles and flies to decorate a Christmas wreath? Hehhh hehhhh...

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Btw - your monkey drawing is fabulous - it looks great up there :-0

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine What can I say? They were free, sparkly, bauble like and way past their use by much more Christmas cheer do you want?

Glad you like the chimp ;)

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

The thing is, I have a son who LOVES bugs and I never thought to add them to Xmas wreaths when he was little. And he would have gotten such a kick out of me doing that. It's not too late... but his main squeeze is just going to kill me :-D

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't see what the big deal is ;) people pay good money to hang (nicely framed) bugs on their walls! Lol. My brother would have been in seventh heaven in the butterly house...30 + years ago.

Mike said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap, great photos and a place I can visit when I come to CM in July.

BTW-We get a lot of the green jewel bugs down here and I have seen them used in jewellery.

Russell Pittock said... Best Blogger Tips

nice photos of the butterflies at the end of the post. What camera do you use?

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mike it's easy to see why one would want a pair of earrings made out of the green jewel bug...they're beautiful. And, don't think that the notion of making matching jewellery didn't cross my mind, all those years ago ;)

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tom Yam SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU :)Trust you to like the last one, it's the only photo I stole from JJ. I'll find out what camera she used.

I hope you have time to blog soon.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Tom Yam, word has it that JJ used either the Fuji XP10 or Z5.... or possibly her samsung mobile phone. I think not! I did auto correct the colours before posting though :)