Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lazy Langkawi - Part 2

Way back in March

The reason the beach area of Langkawi Island may have been so quiet, even though it was school holidays, is that all the holiday makers were most likely at Panorama Langkawi!

Stray and I and Co. hired some scooters, but they latter stayed behind this day. So, we made the pleasant ride out to the cable car, just the two of us. 
On arriving you'll find a theme park set up and atmosphere. Very well presented, lots of rides for the kids and shops, and ticket box for the journey up to the top of the Machinchang mountain.

No need to mention that the heat is relentless in this part of the world, and queuing in the sun for over an hour for your tickets, takes its toll...especially when you spend that hour staring at signage informing you that the next stage of lining up (for the actual skycab ride) could take up to 2 hours!

We were only about half an hour into the latter, winding our way through a well organised maize of railings, when an official started calling out for 2 people (a couple) travelling alone :) Since most Malaysian families visiting that day consisted of way more than two members...that would be US!!!!

I could have sworn I felt daggers going into my back as we were ushered to the front of the long queue. Nevermind, my fear of heights, especially dangling in a cabin on a single cable for nearly 2 km, overcame any guilt I may have felt.

When the car stopped, we naturally disembarked, however, we weren't at the top yet.

Above - You can see the most upper platforms and sky bridge to the right.

Once all the way to the top, this is what the skybridge (currently closed for maintenance) looks like from above and spectacular 360 degree views!
Verdict, well worth the visit, probably better not on school or public holiday.

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Greg said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of nice pics here...makes me miss Malaysia!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Greg It certainly is a pretty part of the world. Nice to see you here Greg :)

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Snap, are you afraid of heights any? That looked awfully scary! Beautiful though :-)

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Catherine I am and it was...but it's falling I mostly have a fear of, lol.