Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heading home via BKK

So, here I sit with a pore pack on my nose, relaxing in our Bangkok hotel writing this update. After arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday we dumped our cumbersome luggage (including camera>PC cable, grrr) at the ‘Left Luggage’ facility and sky trained it into the city.

Apart from the usual swampy areas along the way, there was little excess water to be seen. Looking down, only several low lying roads and house yards were partially submerged a few inches. That’s not to say it will remain that way...but here’s hoping!

Our thoughts are with those who have, are and will be effected by this massive, slow moving tragedy.

And, my biggest frustration (well, one of them) is seeing photos and T.V. footage of people standing chest deep in putrid water washing their clothes, preparing food on floating makeshift tables and of children playing, bobbing along in flotation devices.

STAY OUT OF THE WATER PEOPLE! The murky water can harbour cholera, typhoid, skin infections and hepatitis. One death from, and cases of, leptospirosis was reported in the newspaper just as we left Chiang Mai the other day (the details are in my luggage). The exact wording I can't remember, but 'wear shoes, especially if you have open cuts or wounds on your legs' rings a bell. Perhaps something was lost in the translation? 

Houses and buildings in our hotel area (Ratchathewi) remain high and dry. Some have made serious sandbagging efforts, some half hearted (and to tell the truth are a bit puzzling, strategy wise) but most, have not. Many outer lanes on high-set bridges and overpasses have become car parking lots for residents living in susceptible suburbs, which must make peak hour(s) in Bangkok even more hellish than usual.

Floods aside, today I had good intentions of trawling Chatuchak’s outdoor weekend market, however, after strolling through JJ’s (next door) for couple of hours I decided I’d pushed my baggage weight limit to the max, otherwise I would have bought this little beauty as a keepsake...
Apologies for the mobile phone quality.
...and besides, there’s no air con outside.

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jcj57 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like the health warnings are similar to what were advertised here when Brisbane was in flood in January - but when you are trying to save your possessions and family all the warnings go out the window. Many are still suffering skin conditions after exposure to the water back then.
Hope your stay in BK is uneventful.

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@jcj57 I've only read one health warning, but that's probably my fault, only being able to read a few words...small ones. It's totally understandable that people have no choice other than to be in the water to move things/help people.

And, many have no alternative, other than to stay in their flooded houses.

It's the photos of, what appears to me, to be unnecessary aquatic activities that really worries me. After all, if Kevin Rudd can end up in hospital..anyone can ;)

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Let's not forget...

"Thai authorities are warning that thousands of crocodiles are roaming floodwaters on the outskirts of Bangkok, where residents have been told to prepare for four to six weeks of flooding.

Many of the freshwater crocodiles are escapees from wildlife parks who were freed when their enclosures were inundated and overflowed." ABC News

Thanks Ernie ;)

Lani said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope by now you are safe and sound at home. You will be missed, until our paths cross again :)

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lani we are back safe and sound, with lots of work ahead of us :( I don't have the internet connected at home yet, so am out of the loop for a short while. Things in BKK (from the little I've seen) are not good.

I look forward to our paths crossing again!