Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dinner and a show with the 'P' Family

In Australia, Stray drives a bus part time. Often his passengers are tourists, from China, Korea and sometimes Thailand. Earlier this year he met family P, from Bkk. Stray likes people and they like him. He takes a genuine interest in their lives, their well being and likes to practise snippets of different languages that he's picked up during our travels. After Mrs P's family returned to Thailand he kept in contact via email. Although the P family live in Bangkok, where they run their production company, they also have a holiday house in the Mae Rim area, just north of Chiang Mai.

We and our friends (M & J), who were here visiting, were invited over for dinner and a show! Mr and Mrs P and their driver collected us in a mini van for the short trip out to scenic Mae Rim. The property has a main house, a guest quarters of sorts and caretakers home. Grandma P, a cousin and friends were also taking time out, enjoying the peace and quite and beautiful surrounds.
Note the thin bamboo structure, on the water's edge, behind the island...remember it for later.
The houses over looks a pond, which is backdropped by rice paddies and a dam. This really is a tranquil spot.
The P's driver, 'Uncle', who has been part of their family for sixteen years or so, enjoys cooking and prepared most of this delicious spread.
WOW! What a show young P put on for us, it was very professional. Young P, their son of nearly 15, has grown up living and breathing production....lighting, sound, fireworks. Mr P told me that he has been able to fly solo for the last five years and handles the lighting for smaller events, on his own. 
Fireworks laying in wait.
Above - Some of us chatting where the lighting and wiring has been set up for tonight's extravaganza. After dinner, Young P and Uncle, armed with walkie talkies, began a choreographed display of music, lights, lasers and fireworks. Unfortunately it was too much excitement for my camera, which went into meltdown... unable to capture the lights adequately. Remember the thin bamboo structure in the earlier photo? It was used to create a screen of water trickles, on which the laser light patterns are being projected...hard to see in the video. Again, sorry for the poor quality.
We felt very honoured by the lengths the P Family had gone to, in making us feel extremely  welcomed and thank them for giving us a new treasured memory. 

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Lani said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you had a unique and wonderful time. It really is Thailand when you are welcomed into someone's home.

I noticed you changed your pic to reflect your new do - love it!

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

Lani, being invited into someones home in any country really IS a lovely experience....oh...the hair...you noticed! ;)