Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flowers for Mum

It's my mother's birthday today...Happy Birthday Mum!!!!! Sorry I can't be there to share it with you. Here's a bunch of flowers (vegetation and other pretty things) for you, perhaps some you haven't seen before?

Sometimes I can't remember where I've seen certain plants, overseas or in Australia. I share Mum's interest in plants, she tends to them and they thrive and I take them home and try not to murder them. She's also a talented potter/sculptor. 
A water plant...nicer when it has more white flowers open.
In the lotus family?
I want some of these for my dam...they could double as canoes...huge!
These are the trees I told you about. I've seen them in many Asian countries, hedged, shaped or left to grow to their full capacity. This one is one of many that shades our back wall and stands at least five stories high. The leaves/branches grow up at first and then down, as they mature, which makes them look a bit untidy in parts. And Yes, I found the name...Polyalthia Longifolia.

These come if various colours, ranging from whites, pinks and purples.
? Tree
Almost looked like it had snowed on this one.
The same but from a distance
The next one I'm not sure about. At first I thought there was a vine growing through this tree, with small yellow flowers. But the yellow flowers are part of the tree...within pink flowers or pink choose. Maybe it's in the Poinsettia family?
These are potted, but can grow huge in water ways. They have small insignificant purplish flowers that hang from a zig zag stem. 

Small with pink flowers and leaves like wide blades of grass.
This one only about 12 inches high.

This could be a tree size weed?
This post wouldn't be complete without some Thai Orchids.
Now for a few from Laos!
Edible? fruit...shaped like what we call, Brazilian cherry.
About 10 feet tall, they remind me of bunches of furry strawberries.
I think we have these at home...they're everywhere, usually in pots, ranging from yellow, orange and pinky reds, with varying size flowers...they'd survive even at my place. Note the thorny stems.
Do we have this weed back home?
I know I don't have this one....yet!
 These little munchkins are all over Thailand...
...loitering about in gangs...
 ...hanging around in trees!
They're very cute and very happy!

Dragon on a sphere at the entrance of a Chinese garden. I know how much you love spheres.

I'll keep on clicking and by Mother's Day, hopefully, I should be able to give you a bunch more!

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