Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Vietnamese Wedding - Day 1

About two weeks ago...

The reason for our visit to Vietnam is upon us. Our friend, Dung's wedding.

Danang is the closest city that has an airport, major bus or train station, which is only around 40 minutes away from Hoi An by car. Along the way, the coastline and local houses are being devoured by gigantuos resorts, contrasted by the quonset huts, still standing from the war.
The venue for the first day of wedding celebrations is her parent's house, a short distance ouside of Hoi An. Hoi An is similar to Chiang Mai in some ways, but smaller. It has preserved many of it's temples and ancient buildings that now house shops and business.  The town lines the banks of the Thu Bon River and out to the shores of the South China Sea.
Confucian Temple
Thu Bon river
In the morning we hire our bikes and ride to the barge for the river crossing, then further out for a few kilometres, into a quiet and scenic farming area.
We're greeted by family, bright decorations and set tables ready to accomodate scores of people. The temperature is already climbing into the high thirties and bright spark didn't buy herself a's bloody hot! Sweating profusly, we're placed in front of a fan, poured drinks, given snacks and offered wet towelletes.

Ms Dung and Stray
Ms Dung gets dressed in her pink Ao Dai and with her parents, greets and meets the arriving guests...

...while we are waited on hand and foot. The words 'gracious hospitality' just don't cut it, to describe how we were treated during this and following day. Always seated at the best table, never left to flounder and fussed over from go to whoa.
Plate after plate of food was placed on the table and portions distributed into our bowls, while young relatives and friends made sure that every sip of beer consumed was refilled within seconds. Hands and bottles and chopsticks were flying. I could have only felt more spoilt had the guys at our table been spoon feeding me.
Me and some of the boys
And there ensued a two hour cycle of eating and toasting with glasses of icy beer to the sounds of loud festive music and singing by some of the party goers (Stray's rendition of 'Home among the gum trees' was a hit!). I nearly escaped partaking in the 100% sculling game...OK, but just one glass though.
The soon to be MRS Dung and Stray
And just as quickly as the party began, it came to an almighty abrupt hault at 12 pm, which was everyone's cue to they did.
The washing up detail.
After the guests had left, the young folk that were helping out and immediate family sat down to eat, because they'd refrained from doing so while the rest of us were feasting.

Totally stuffed full of good food and well wishes, we got on our bikes and headed back to Hoi An to rest up for tomorrow's even bigger day.

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Lani said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely! Reminds me of how we do things in Lamphun...without the dancing girls of course ;)

It looks like you all had a wonderful time, xxoo

Snap said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lani I've never been to a Thai wedding. I'd be interested to see what the differences, hurry up! ;)